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10 Reasons to choose Wordpress when creating your website

The most flexible and widely used cms in the world is WordPress. But, what is that of a content manager? And what are the benefits of using it to make my website?

WordPress is basically a system that allows us to create all kinds of websites: blogs, online stores, corporate websites, forums, social networks, etc., managing all our publications from an administration panel.

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WordPress is free and has been developed under the GPL license, allowing people and organizations to use, study, share and modify the software.

Much of the project has been developed by the WordPress community, people who volunteer time and effort to test each release, and remains associated with Automatic, the company founded by one of its creators.

IT IS the foremost USED CMS within the WORLD

About 1 in 5 sites on the Internet has been created using WordPress, more than 12 million web pages and 46 million users worldwide, according to datas. In addition, many of the large international companies use WordPress, such as Ebay, PlayStation, CNN, The New York Times, BBC America, Linkedin, ...

That WordPress is one among the most used CMS, doesn't report advantages for the simple fact of being, but it carries several significant facts. The first, consider that if so many people and organizations have chosen this system, not all must be wrong. The second, that its enormous popularity may be due to other advantages such as its open license, ease of use and its own characteristics as CMS. And finally, the extensive community of developers and professionals associated with the platform who work daily providing it with new functionalities and greater security and who are going to be able to quickly solve doubts and problems that may arise when we launch our website.


WordPress has a very fast learning curve. The administration panel is intuitive and it will allow you to have a better control of the platform in a short period of time. It is easy to customize and manage. Editing content inside WordPress, publishing post and pages or adding images is very easy like doing it in a word processor. In a very visual way we'll manage the pages of our site and also the menus, we'll easily add images, videos and links, among other tasks.

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However, its usability does not detract from its power, being one of the most complete tools to boost your business on the Internet.


WordPress relies on two key elements to create and customize a website: themes and plugins.

The topics we allow broadly, modify the design of a website in 5 seconds. We can find countless themes with different designs and that adapt to the web we want to create, changing the appearance of the page at any time without affecting the content. In its official repository you can find more than 2,700 free themes, you can also buy a paid or premium theme or, if you want a website with advanced functionalities and not have problems when you want to make changes in the future, request a custom developed theme, such as all of which we do in Jeznorthweb so your website will never look like another.

The plugins add extra features to the web and installation process is just as simple. Currently you'll be able to find over 34,000 plugins within the WordPress repository with which you'll be able to create forums, share content on social networks, insert photo galleries, create forms, improve the positioning of your website, increase its security, create a web store or even a social network within your own website. It is advisable to use them moderately as they can impair the fluidity with which our page loads and the proper functioning of our site by finding incompatibilities between them. In the following articles about WordPress we will give you some recommendations to take into account when choosing a plugin for your website and a list of the ones we like the most in Jeznorthweb Portfolio.


WordPress is that the CMS that may best position your content on the web. Its programming structure is very attractive to search engines and makes the content published on this platform indexed faster by search engines. WordPress respects the W3C standards, being compatible with all browsers, performs automatic pings when the content of your website is updated, allows you to have friendly urls, use tags and categories and ... if all this is often not enough, you'll be able to install specific plugins to feature more SEO options. So to speak, your WordPress page will get along very well with Google.

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WordPress has been harshly criticized for its vulnerability and on many sites it has been heard and read that WordPress is insecure, without being true. Any system in which there's communication between the top user and also the server that manages the databases is probably going to be.

However, WordPress has evolved a lot in recent years and, today it is a compact system in constant review on which a huge community of developers works every day who use their ingenuity to correct possible errors and security flaws. Together with the frequent updates of the system, we can find many plugins that allow us to manage the security of our WordPress, although it is always advisable to be advised by specialized developers to help us fortify our website against possible attackers. There are specific plugins that help us to create automatic backups. We will soon dedicate a special publication to the current section on our website.


Updates to the platform and also the themes and plugins that we've installed will appear periodically, which can correct aspects like security, performance and new functions. The system itself will notify us that these updates are available and with one click we are able to install them from the administration panel.

In addition, in the case in which we want it, WordPress allows us in a very simple way to migrate all our content to a different server.


WordPress allows your website to grow along with your business and be as big as you would like. If you want, you can start by creating a corporate website with information about your company and a contact form. Later you'll be ready to add all the functions you need: a blog, a gallery along with your projects, an online store ... integrating perfectly into that basic website with which you started. The possibilities of expanding the functions and design of your page will be practically endless.

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WordPress allows you to develop an online page in an exceedingly very short time with a very agile development. Its ease of use along with the possibility of self-managing your website and programming new content, make it a platform that favors productivity, allowing you to manage some time and save costs.

Even for bespoke developments, like the ones we carry out in Jeznorthweb, this is a clear advantage and considerable time and money savings for our customers. In just 14 days from the approval of the project we will have your website ready.


At Jeznorthweb we love developing websites and creating online stores using WordPress. For us it is the best CMS you can find: easy to use, with a large community of developers who work to improve it every day and with thousands of options to configure it to your needs.

In addition, if you need help to develop your web project with WordPress or want to have a unique website designed especially for your business, we will be happy to help you. Contact us today!


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