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How to claim a debt: ways to claim defaulters?

In this post, we intend to give a little light to those creditors, whether they are self-employed or companies, on the existing procedures in order to collect the amounts that are owed to them. Not in vain, and unfortunately, the commercial default is very present in our economy and there is a plurality of creditors who cannot see their credit satisfied. In this context, there are two non-incompatible mechanisms to claim the debt: the extrajudicial route and the judicial route. As we will explain, although the first is optional, by logic and in an effort to reduce costs, it is necessary to exhaust it. In order to outline the different actions, we have the following mechanisms: Out-of-court way: Judicial way: Monitoring procedure. Declarative procedure, which in turn can be verbal or ordinary. Exchange procedure. EXTRAJUDICIAL VIA Before starting any legal procedure, as we have stated, it is advisable to contact the debtor to try to reach an agreement and settle the debt.