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Silver or white gold for a diamond rings?

Think again !  Silver or gold rings set with diamonds aren't just for people who are getting engaged. The proof, I only wear this model of jewelry.  And if you too have a crush on a diamond ring, here are some buying tips. Reasons to succumb to a silver ring set with diamonds : Even if the price of a gold ring decorated with diamonds remains high, rest assured, you will get a lot of bang for your buck.  I do not regret having invested in this type of jewel.  Indeed, apart from their class and their elegance, gold and diamonds can only increase in value over the years.  You don't regret your investment. Otherwise, because of its precious side,  a diamond ring is the ideal jewel  that is passed on from generation to generation.  Moreover, if today I have enthusiasm for these jewels, it is because my very first diamond gold ring comes to me from my maternal grandmother.  So, gentlemen, if you want to dazzle and impress the ladies of your heart, wow your ladies with this model of r

On which finger is the engagement rings put

This time we bring you a very romantic theme such as a proposal for a hand.  A day of many nerves and especially for the groom, since the bride is usually caught by surprise.  Once that day has arrived, the same question always arises,  on which finger to put the engagement ring and what are the reasons  . Why is a ring given as a gift? This tradition comes from the time of the Egyptian empires.  They say that, at the time of marrying a woman, the one who would be her husband, gave her a gold ring.  However, this tradition took on more importance in ancient Roman times.  And it is the Christians who gave more importance to this gesture. It is also said that the  engagement rings  had a rounded shape symbolizing the circle, since this represents the cycle of life.  Today there are many shapes and styles and this tradition is not followed to the letter.  In addition, over time white gold began to predominate, giving the ring a more youthful appearance and elegance.  You can take a look a