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What is a good building inspection report?

Whether you are a buyer or seller of a property, you know that home inspection is the best way to ensure your protection and peace of mind. And having established the right building inspection for your situation, it's time to learn a little more about the building inspection report.

Because getting a quality building inspection report is as essential as the building inspection itself: one does not go without the other! So you have to opt for a building inspector who will give you a quality document.

building inspection

Why do you need a good building inspection report?

A good building inspection report can often help to resolve disputes and even avoid litigation: nothing less! When a problem arises after the purchase of a house, a clear and detailed document clarifies the situation. 

Rather than relying on the statements of the buyer and the seller, which are never really verifiable, the report establishes the responsibility of each. For example, when a roof sinks or a crack appears in the foundation, a clear building inspection report shows if the problem was present or visible before the purchase.

However, the building inspection report must be sufficiently precise to allow a decision to be made. Because if gray areas persist, there will of course be room for interpretations and long negotiations that never end. This is why many disputes end in legal action! While a clear report favors settlements amicably and, above all, helps protect the buyer and the seller leaving no doubt about their respective responsibilities.

The basics of a quality building inspection report

1. Explanations in detail of what was visible or not:

Essentially, the building inspection report must explain what was accessible and visible in the home at the time of the building inspector's visit. But above all, you have to make sure that the writing is done in a very precise and detailed way. 

For example, several building inspectors will simply write that "the foundation was partially visible" during their visit. But that is not enough! The building inspection report should mention that "the foundation was not visible on the right side before". The building inspector must also state why this foundation was not completely accessible. Thus, if boxes were stacked or if a finishing coating prevented to see the rest of the foundation, it must be mentioned.

In short, the building inspection report should leave no doubt about what has been evaluated in the house. Although writing a detailed document takes longer, it is your building inspector's responsibility to provide you with a complete report. So be sure to find a professional who understands his role!

2. Description of all components inspected:

The building inspector must also add details about the condition of the components that were examined. Thus, for each element inspected, a good building inspection report mentions the type of component and makes an accurate description of its current status. If anomalies are detected, they must of course be noted. 

But even when the component is in excellent condition, it must be mentioned in the building inspection report. The idea is to obtain an extremely precise portrait of the state of the building during the sale. Only then can buyers and sellers get full protection!

3. A good building inspection report contains pictures:

The old adage says true: a picture is worth a thousand words! So make sure the chosen building inspector takes pictures and then adds them to his inspection report. Even better: hire a building inspector who is used to adding arrows on the images, with details and explanations of the places inspected. In short, anything that can help to understand the condition of the building at the time of sale is welcome!

4. The temperature at the time of the building inspection:

This may seem surprising, but a good building inspection report mentions the weather conditions observed during the visit. These have an impact on the analyzes performed and, in case of litigation, may take on more importance than one would have suspected!

For example, a building inspection would not accurately assess the risk of soil subsidence. (Note, however, that building inspection is essential even in winter !) On the other hand, an analysis performed during a 30-day drought may also change the results. This is why the building inspection report should not only mention whether it is raining or sunny, but also detail the general conditions.

5. A popular and clear text:

It is not enough to have a detailed building inspection report, it must also be understandable! Do not forget that in case of a glitch, this document must make it possible to establish the condition of the building at the time of the sale. 

If you get a building inspection report written in an ambiguous way or in a jargon that only an expert can understand, it does not benefit anyone. So make sure that the chosen building inspector prepares a building inspection report that is accessible and sufficiently popularized.

building inspection

6. A building inspection report that meets the standards of the AIB:

The Association of Building Inspectors (AIB) protects the public by supervising building inspectors throughout the province. It provides the standards of the profession and therefore sets the quality standards for a building inspection report. 

Know that the reports that obey the conventions are generally those that allow to decide in case of dispute. So before choosing your building inspector, make sure he is a member of the AIB and that he complies with the rules of practice concerning the written report . If you wish, you can also consult this document on the standard of professional practice .

7. Bonus tips:

A building inspection report that protects you in case of dispute is good. But a building inspection report that protects you more generally, it's even better! Indeed, a document that provides useful information on the interviews to predict is a real resource for owners. This is how we go to Custom building inspection. Because in our opinion, the inspection report must also be a tool to keep your property in good condition and preserve your investment!

Opt for a building inspection report that actually tells you:

The logic is simple: a good building inspection report gives you complete, clear and precise information on the condition of the building. The building inspector shares his knowledge and helps you make decisions about a future purchase, as well as upcoming repairs or interviews. Whether a dispute arises or not, you will be ready for any eventuality!


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