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What to expect from a professional moving service?

1. Order, punctuality and quality service

Professional moving services specialize in transporting everything from origin to destination in the safest and most efficient way possible.

moving service in Newcastle

They do not specialize in separating your clothes or knowing the value of the vase that your grandmother inherited, so take into account having everything clean, separated and orderly before they start the move, this in addition to speeding up the transfer will help to have greater control of your assets. We recommend you:

  • Group small similar objects in boxes, this will prevent you from losing things
  • Use small boxes for heavy goods, this so that they do not collapse or it is a lot of weight to lift.
  • Separate the valuable and fragile goods, you don't want something to break or disappear.
  • Throwing away things that are not useful, accumulating goods that you do not occupy is not a good idea, you will not want to waste space in the truck or raise the costs of your transport with goods that you will not use.
  • Label the boxes with the final locations.

2. Packaging and unpacking methodology

A professional moving company, differentiates itself by its logistics in the execution of its service, they are methodical and maintain an order throughout the move, this to facilitate the packing, transport, unpacking and arrangement of goods in the right place and time.

Although, it is possible that things get mixed during the accommodation in the truck, but this is to make sure that everything fits well and does not waste any space, also they do it in the most convenient way so that things get in and out easily. Therefore, something to be expected is that they will make a move more efficiently than you could do on your own.

moving service company

3. Handling and caring for goods (wrapping, packaging, fencing and more)

The biggest good thing about hiring a removal company is that they know very well the way to wrap and transport each piece of furniture in your home, from a duplex refrigerator to your children's piano or bunk bed. The professionals will disassemble the furniture in the most convenient way for its transfer, they will cushion the fragile pieces in the safest way and at your destination, they will accommodate and assemble everything again.

Tip: If you are confident in your skills to disassemble and assemble furniture, do not hesitate to use them, since there are many moving companies that charge by time, you can save valuable minutes and money if you do this task on your own.

4. The perfect packaging

Packing small or fragile things may be tricky, if they need a lot of space inside the box, they'll bounce and arrive broken at their destination. A good moving service has the responsibility of packing your goods in the best way, it has its experience to handle those goods that you most want to keep in optimal conditions, make sure that the company provides you or has the packaging material you need., the services you can expect are:

  • Polystyrene balls to fill the space.
  • Wrap furniture and large pieces of thick mats to prevent them from sliding or moving.
  • They will group quadrangular and rectangular objects, which can be placed in the same box.
  • Armed with special bars to take care of glass or large objects.

5. Insurance of transport and goods during a move

Make sure that the moving company gives you a guarantee that your goods will arrive safely at their destination, once you hire them they're liable for the care of your goods, of course always under your supervision. Hiring a professional moving company should offer you insurance for the transport and care of your goods, in case something goes wrong they will be responsible for paying for the damage caused.

professional moving company

Read your contract carefully, since it is possible that this insurance generated extra costs, but if something bad happens and you did not take out the insurance, be sure that you could regret it.

6. Inventory of goods

A moving professional knows that he must count every box and item that enters and leaves the truck, this in addition to ensuring that your goods are completely moved, provides a backup in case you forget something and believe that they are responsible for its loss. Double checking and inventory of goods is crucial, especially if your move is large or if you travel from state to state.

If the moving company does not carry out an inventory of your goods, you should do it yourself, but consider a company that has this service, in addition to saving time, you will have better control of the move.

7. Time and difficulty of a moving service

We know that you would like the move to take just a couple of hours or a whole day, but things don't always turn out the way we expect. Before moving, take into consideration the complications that a move could generate, take into consideration the space, size of your house, number of products to move and your budget.

A professional moving company, has the ability to move quickly, but this will depend a lot on the order and budget you have, maybe your move can be done in one day.

moving company in Newcastle

8. Security, confidence and experience

Although a professional moving service is not cheap, rest assured that they will do a better job than you would on your own, have the confidence of the care and handling of your goods, their experience supports them. Keep in mind that they are there to serve you and will do the heavy lifting for you. They also expect them to ask you lots of questions about your needs and make sure you provide everything they need, they will appreciate your direction and guidance during the move. Contact Best Removalists Newcastle today!


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