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Polishing the floor: The best homemade tips

Polishing the floor of your home or office is not an impossible mission. You just have to know the exact measurements for each type of material. So you can get results similar to those of a professional team. That's why at Modern Floor Sanding we have compiled a part of our cleaning tips so that you can become a true floor polisher without having to make a lot of effort.

Polishing floors: Some tips before you start

A true floor polisher must be able to recognize which is the best method in each case. After all, if you clean the parquet with the same techniques that you apply for ceramic, you could even damage the floor.

polishing wooden floors

Furthermore, it is not only about achieving an idea l floor polish. It is also important to maintain it over time so that it does not lose its shine. So take note of these important tips.

The first thing should always be to constantly remove dust. Some opt for a broom or vacuum cleaner. But the option of a disposable cloth mop is almost always superior. This is particularly ideal on fragile floors that can be damaged by a lot of mechanical friction, such as what would happen with a stiff bristle broom.

After you have dusted everything, you will have to scrub the floor. But there you must be careful with the humidity conditions and the cleaning products you use. If, for example, your floor is parquet you should use a specialized product to avoid damaging its protective varnish. On the other hand, a wooden floor could deteriorate with the continuous use of bleach. A general advice would be to drain the mop well before using it and change it every 3 months to prevent it from losing its quality.

In general, the most resistant floors are ceramic ones. Well, they are not damaged by most cleaning products. So you have many options but the ideal is always to ensure fast drying to avoid stains.

wooden floor polishing

Now that your floor is completely clean, it is time for you to proceed to polish the floor simply but efficiently.

Polishing the wooden floor

Has the wooden floor in your house already lost its natural shine? You do not need to despair, after all this material is very durable and responds well if you give it the correct care. So with a few simple tricks to polish wooden floor you can look like new.

First of all, follow the general cleaning recommendations. If after that there are stains, you should try to solve it without using very abrasive products that can make the problem worse. For example, vinegar is an element that should be avoided since its acidic pH can damage this type of soil if it is used constantly.

It is best to use a soft cloth and moisten it with neutral pH soapy water. If the stain does not disappear like this, then contact a specialized team.

Sometimes a simple scrubbing can polish the wooden floor without using a floor polisher. If you want to optimize this method, we recommend a mixture of water, soap and ammonia. Using this solution, mop the floor with a soft mop.

After finishing scrubbing the floor it would be ideal to apply products to polish wooden floors. One of them would be wax, which has a proven efficiency to polish wooden floors. Just apply it correctly as directed and then rub the floor with a cotton cloth.

floor polisher

Polishing parquet floors

Parquet or wood floors give a cozy feeling in any environment. However, they are usually a headache when cleaning and much more when polishing.

To prevent your parquet floor from losing its shine, you must eliminate moisture as much as possible. Also keep them away from elements that can cause scratches. When cleaning, line the legs of the furniture if you have to change its position. Don't use a broom either, preferably use a vacuum cleaner or a soft mop.

When it is time to polish the parquet floor, you can use two products mainly: oil and wax.

The oil nourishes the wood if you moisten it with a fair amount. The best products of this type are pine, linseed or olive oil. As you can see, they are all easily available in the supermarket. This procedure must be repeated with a certain periodicity; it is generally recommended every two months.

On the other hand, the wax is generally only necessary for very worn parquet floors, since its varnish in itself protects the floor. If you are still going to apply this product make sure it is a parquet wax and then apply two coats on the previously cleaned floor.

wooden floor sanding

Polish the floor with machines

If you want to get rid of the effort involved in polishing the floor on your own, you can use a floor polisher. This machine is the most ideal on marble and wooden floor floors but they are usually expensive.

If you need to machine polish the floor, we recommend hiring a professional company to do the work for you. At Modern Floor Sanding we have this service on different locations and many more. If you need advice, call us now!  Our team of experts will offer you the help you need.


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