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When the long-awaited time comes to change house and either become independent for the first time or move your home to a new and better place, either with or without human company, we have to face the always fearsome move. A process that slows down our illusion and that requires time and organization, especially if we have a pet in the family.

As the best friend of the man that he is, his abilities are not few. The dog is one of the companion animals that best adapts to changes, but like us, this is not an easy task that they can carry out from one day to the next. We know first-hand that any novelty that enters our day-to-day routine affects us in one way or another, and in canine pets it is no different.

And it is no discovery at this point to say that everything that involves a move needs above all time and patience, to first organize and then carry out the corresponding steps so that the move to your long-awaited new home and in which You've been wanting to live from now on you don't even remember it doesn't mean a real hell. Neither for you nor for your dog, if he is to continue to be your faithful companion in your new home, he will also need time to adapt, just like you. But if you are also concerned about how to consider the move so that it is the least possible nuisance for your pet, we will help you with a series of tips that you can aim to start this arduous and lazy road to the trophy, which is none other than to position yourself and start your desired new life. Keep reading…

moving with dogs


Once we are completely sure of what our new home is going to be, an option to consider is to approach the area if it is not too far with your dog so that our best furry friend can get to know the surroundings of the one who is going to be your new home. An adaptation that can be started through several walks that will avoid the confusion of the first days in an area that was unknown and with which you will be able to mark the paths with your nose.

It will also be important to try to keep the schedules that you have established in relation to your meals and your walks. We are aware that when preparing a move and everything that entails, our routines can be affected or modified on those days, so we must try to make sure that our pets are disturbed as little as possible to avoid possible cases of stress or anxiety. Something that can help this may also be that you move the objects that have been part of your dog's daily life when you lived in your previous home. If your bed, your ball or your pillow keep the smell, it will keep the memory of your comfort zone intact. And you can associate it with your new space at home. So not washing them the first few days can be of great help for the comfort of your pet.

During the transfer of objects, if you do not have the possibility of leaving your pet in the care of someone close for a few hours, you can choose to let him get used to the new home while you place all the belongings and miscellaneous items. In the event that you have been able to separate the animal from all this complex process, we advise you to take with you some more used garment, toy or object of yours, so that the wait will be less long or notice the separation to a lesser extent of his best human friend, I mean you.

Once he joins as a new "tenant" or if he finally keeps you company while you assemble furniture or order things, you can consider, while you carry out those tasks, the idea of placing "prizes" in the form of food or toys of his distributed for the new house. This will help keep you entertained and familiarize yourself with the new places you are going to start living. Don't be surprised because she walks into the house when you're done tidying up and takes a long time sniffing every corner and going over and over the house from top to bottom. This way he will get used to it and it will be fun to search and find what you have left hidden in the spaces. It will look familiar and encourage you. And of course, do not stop congratulating your furry for his achievements. It will reinforce your well-being in a difficult and confusing time.

When the worst is over and you can consider thinking that your new house is capable of being called home, it will be the moment when it is time to catch up on all the basic needs of your best furry friend in your new home.


No one likes moving. Do not doubt that it will be a complicated time for your dog, as well as for you when it comes to organizing yourself with everything you must move. Your pet will need love and affection to cope with so much change.

Keep in mind that the change of house is very noticeable for pets and they must go through an adaptation process, for which they require our help and patience, just like the first time they began to be part of our lives. In addition, we must understand that for them, the place they leave is considered their territory and they will need to maintain their routine and habits in the new destination to make it their new home.

It would be absurd to think that the best thing is not to keep our dog away from all the chaos that a move implies. If you are going to need a moving truck, do not forget that this will lead to unknown people entering their territory and begin to collect what they consider theirs. A situation that can provoke stress, anxiety or nervousness in him. But if you have no choice but to have him by your side, the most enjoyable thing will be for him to have some kind of entertainment that will help him become familiar with everything, as we have already mentioned.


Once you are installed, do not take too long to incorporate your new address or domicile on its identification plate, since if it is lost in the new neighborhood, your new neighbors or those who find it can bring it back. And just as important will be to request an appointment with your new veterinarian, in the event that a new one corresponds due to the change of address, either for a general examination or to have all the pertinent documentation and up to date.

And of course, you should take time to teach your dog the rules you want him to comply with in the house, to accommodate his space inside it so that he feels safe, and to take walks with him so that he gets used to the new routes and she may even meet new "doggy friends and neighbors" from the new neighborhood. It will be interesting that both you and your dog get to know the surroundings of the new home and those parks and spaces to which you can go together.

At the end of the day, the ideal is that the animal recovers its habits and routines as soon as possible that serve to complete its adaptation as quickly as possible once we have finished with the move. And the same to cope with this and that the process, which is already heavy and laborious, affects you and your dog as little as possible. And together to begin this exciting new stage.


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