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MiniQuad Motorbike Spares 50LT, With Pedal Start

Today motorbike spares in the Motos blog we want to talk about the only children's quad with pedal start, the mini Quad 50LT.

This quad model is unique and innovative in its category. The mini quad for children 50LT 50cc , is a child quad riding a 2 - stroke engine air cooled. We are talking about a small quad , for the youngest riders in the house, but with which a maximum speed of 45 kilometres per hour can be reached . Despite its size, the 50 LT mini quad has a power of 9HP at 9500 rpm.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Among the many features of the mini Quad 50LT , we can distinguish:
  • Fuel tank with capacity for 1.3 liters of gasoline
  • 2 front and rear wired disc brakes
  • High strength steel chassis
  • 145 / 70-6 ″ inch tires
  • Special trigger for quads
  • KTM Exhaust Enhancement

Net weight of 58 kilos and supports a maximum load of 100 kilos.

But if the 50LT mini quad stands out for something, it is for its pedal start . The only model of children's quad in its category that brings it. This type of boot replaces the famous shooter boot , which causes so much discomfort. With kick start , the mini Quad ROAN 50LT steps forward inside the 49cc quads.

Motorcycle 50LT mini-quad security features

This children's quad is vehicle made with the best and most resistant materials, so that the smallest of the house can drive it safely . Furthermore, the 50LT mini quad comes with several additional security measures that make it a reliable and safe pocket quad.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Among these security elements , the “man over board” system and the speed limiter are especially noteworthy .

Man overboard or safety stop . It is the device by which the motor of the 50LT mini quad stops automatically in the event of a pilot crash.

The speed limiter is a fundamental part of all vehicles of this type, especially if the rider has been with the quad for a short time . The 50LT mini quad brings the option to limit speed to three positions.

And after talking so much about the 50LT mini quad, you want to see it, right? To end this post, we leave you a small demonstration of this children's quad.


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