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The different types of garage doors

Do you want to install an automatic garage door or change your model? Discover the different types of automatic garage doors at your disposal.

Swing garage door

The swing garage door, also called automatic garage door, is one of the easiest installation. Commonly made of wood, is consists of two leaves that open outwards.
This type of automatic garage door therefore requires to have a sufficiently large space in front of your garage to open it. This is one of the cheapest automatic garage door models, and offers the possibility of being easily motorized.
The different types of garage doors

Sectional garage door

Offering excellent thermal insulation, the sectional garage door is also one of the most practical. It can be vertical or lateral opening, it consists of sliding panels that fit in the wall or under the ceiling.
One of the advantages of the sectional garage door is that it does not require any space in front of your automatic garage for its opening, and benefits from a limited space requirement. Finally, the sectional garage door can be offered in aluminum, steel, wood or PVC.

Tilting Door

The overhead door is one of the most popular types of automatic garage doors. Economical while offering a good level of security it also has the advantage of being easily motorized.
It uses a rail system and will be lodged under the ceiling. The tilting garage door is available in steel, PVC aluminum and wood.
The different types of garage doors

Folding garage door

Mounted on rail, the folding garage door offers an accordion opening. It has the advantage of offering a small footprint and does not require any space in front of the garage. Most often proposed in wood or PVC, it will not be possible to equip it with an engine.

Roll-up garage door

The roll-up garage door is very similar to an automatic garage door. Consisting of blades, usually aluminum, which are housed in a box, it requires very little space on the ceiling of your garage. Just like the shutters, it will be the most frequently proposed motorized version.


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