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The gold dragon with pink diamonds closes the Perth Mint trilogy in 2019

"The Jeweled Dragon" is a spectacular work of monetary art that fuses two of Australia's natural wonders, gold and pink diamonds, in an exquisite collaboration of The Perth Mint and Argyle Pink Diamonds.

With meticulous attention to detail, the 18-carat rose gold coin has been crafted to obtain a three-dimensional representation of the powerful Chinese dragon.

Rich in ancient symbolism, the legendary creature is "dressed" with 117 exquisite pink Argyle diamonds with an additional emerald in the form of an eye from the legendary Minas Muzo of Colombia.

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It is considered a unique masterpiece in honor of the mythical Chinese dragon, the most revered animal in ancient oriental culture. Coined impeccably with 10 ounces of pure gold, the impressive handmade coin is crowned by a three-dimensional portrait of the highly symbolic animal.

Its serpentine body and sinuous limbs are adorned with 117 pink diamonds from Argyle Pink Diamonds , meticulously crafted representing scales, of which 81 symbolize "yang" or "man", and 36 represent "yin", or "feminine energy ."

Far from being random, these numbers are closely related to the number "nine," an auspicious figure traditionally associated with the noble Chinese emperor. Each is a multiple of nine, while the sum of the digits of each number adds up to nine.

The argyle pink diamonds are among the rarest gems Earth and seductive natural colors . Coveted for its exquisite beauty and provenance, they are so extraordinarily rare that no more than a handful are discovered each year at the argyle diamond mine, in the rugged wilderness of Kimberley, in northwestern Australia.

In addition to the dazzling dragon aura, his eye is represented by a rich green emerald of the 1,000-year-old Muzo mine, located deep in the Colombian Andes.

The dragon's mouth is open and the eyes blink before capturing the flaming pearl , a traditional metaphor for wisdom, enlightenment and spiritual essence, partially hidden by fog and spiral clouds. The sublime dragon rises lushly above the waves over which the creature is believed to have dominion.

Only nine of these absolutely spectacular collectibles will be launched by The Perth Mint , making The Jeweled Dragon a cultural icon to be treasured for generations.

Each of the nine pieces of this 2019 edition is issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act of 1965 , with a nominal value of 2 Australian dollars.

The reverse of each coin, designed by Ing Jong , features an 18-carat rose gold dragon, a set of 117 Argyle Pink Diamonds and an emerald for the dragon's eye. The dragon is depicted chasing a pearl, which is a metaphor for wisdom and enlightenment. 

pink diamond

The water is represented in the design because it was believed that dragons controlled the rain , which is reflected in the fact that the popular dragon dances performed during festivities Chinese New Year originated as a way to invoke more rain for farmers.

The effigy depicted on the obverse is the work of Jody Clark, showing Queen Elizabeth II , the year of 2019, the weight and purity along with the monetary denomination.

The gold that contains the coin, between the collection and investment , has a fine of 9999 thousandths, in 10 troy ounces (323,566 grams of weight), diameter of 60.60 millimeters and thickness of 16 millimeters.

The dragon is a continuator of two other previous emissions dedicated to the tiger and the phoenix , which appeared in previous years with similar characteristics.


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